Salam to all,
This has been difficult for everyone. The pandemic has given us all new and unexpected experience. Thus, first and foremost, it is important for us to stay calm.
Despite the worry and concern we have for ourselves and our loved ones, we have to respond appropriately to the situation. This, however, has led to anxiety and stress to some.
As such, everyone has a role as a helper to others. We have to identify those who need immediate psyho-emotional assistance from mental health professionals. Respond to them. calm them down and focus on what to do next. if they are not able to do so, Refer them to counselors so that timely support can be rendered to those in need. Counselors will help those who need immediate support; identify the immediate issues, determine appropriate interventions for them; and decide the follow-ups or referral to other professionals if necessary.
Counseling is to prevent the possibility of potential effects of people, families and children, students, staff and the public at large.
At times like this, crisis intervention begins with good communication.
– provide accurate information.
– briefly explain the reasons for the closure.
– identify the immediate needs of the affected people
physical needs (safety, food, shelter etc )
people will have lots of questions like about their safety and well-being.
Take time to address their concerns and answer the questions without promising anything we are not sure of.
when in crisis, some will get panicky and can cause others to panic as well, thus remind each other to stay calm is crucial. also helpful to say to each other that we will go through this together during these difficult times. Use simple language to explain to the children. educate them about hygiene during this crisis.
Be an ethical and responsible citizen. Get the latest update. Practice social distancing. Be mindful of others.

InsyaAllah, our country will get through this phase. May Allah protect us and our loved ones.

Dr Haniza Rais
Registered Counselor IIUM
PERKAMA International
Mar 17, 2020
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