The International Counselling Innovation and Showcase (i-COUNNOVAS 2.0), organised by PERKAMA International is an exciting opportunity for products, innovations, or inventions to be showcased to potential business, educators, policy makers, practitioners and investors both locally and internationally. i-COUNNOVAS 2.0 invites all international and local counselling educators, students and practitioners with creative and outstanding innovations to participate to gain recognition for their inventions as well as to compete amongst other international inventors for awards and medals. 



New Dimensions in Counselling Innovation



The International Counselling Innovation And Showcase (i-COUNNOVAS 2.0) is held to :

  • Provide opportunity to educators, students and practitioners to exhibit research, creation and innovations in helping process globally in the new norms.
  • Be a focal point for networking among counsellors and students who are engaged in the helping process.
  • Cultivate interest and encourage educators, practitioners and students to develop materials in line with the contemporary issues and needs of counsellors and clients in pandemic COVID-19.



i- COUNNOVAS 2021 welcomes all educators, practitioners, college or university students who are engaged in the counselling or related helping profession to share their remarkable inventions in the COVID-19 pandemic according to the following aspects:

  • Management and Administration in Counselling in the new norms (e.g:  system/technology in counselling, Psychometric, Assessment and Evaluation, and Manual)
  • Intervention, Treatment and Training in Counselling in the new norms (e.g: Module, Innovation or Product )
  • Others related to counselling in the new norms (e.g: Community services, collaboration project/research, creativity product)



Online Application



This categories of innovations and showcase consists of 2 categories:

  • College/ university students
  • Educators, or Practitioners.



  • Participation may be as individual or in groups of not more than 5 members.
  • Product, innovation or invention must relate to counselling in the new norms.
  • Participants are allowed to submit more than one entry. However, there will be a fee charged for each entry.
  • Each entry must submit a completed entry form with a proof of payment.
  • The organizer reserves the right to reject any application that have been sent if there is a falsification of information.



PERKAMA member

RM 120.00

Non PERKAMA member

RM 170.00

Student PERKAMA member

RM 100.00

Student Non PERKAMA member

RM 130.00

International Participant

RM 250.00

  • Payment should be made once the abstract is accepted.
  • Registration & Application form at link at FB PERKAMA/ PERKAMA WESITE
  • proof of payment and recorded video presentation must be send to icounnovas2021@gmail.com and cc to aslina.upsi@gmail.com before  12 June 2021.


All participating inventions vie for the GOLD, SILVER OR BRONZE I-COUNNOVAS 2021 MEDALS.  In addition, they will also be in contention for Special Award and Best Inventor Award.  Special Award will be given to the organisation with the highest number of gold medals.  The Best Inventor Award will be awarded to the top invention amongst all the inventions in the competition.

Each award will be given a certificate and a medal.  Extra certificate will be charged a minimum of RM 10.00 and extra medal with a minimum of RM 50.00.



  • Abstract Deadline                                                    :           28 May 2021
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance                      :           3 June 2021
  • Registration, Payment Deadline& Video Submission   :           12 June 2021
  • i-COUNNOVAS 2.0  (video presentation):           15 June 2021-17 June 2021
  • Online presentation (finalists)                    :           22-23 June 2021

(Silver/Gold/ Special and Best Award)



Participants will be reviewed based on the following criteria;

  1. Novelty and inventiveness
  2. Innovative and creativity of the product in the new norms
  3. Potential impact on counselling field in the new norms
  4. Applicant’s demonstrated interest and/or expertise on the proposed topic.



  1. Participant must provide a 3-5 minute video presentation explaining about the product/ invention.
  2. Participants have to complete the form related to participant consensus in participating in i-COUNNOVAS 2.0 and send it together with the registration form.
  3. Content of video must include the synopsis, objectives, value added, usefulness in the new norms and commercial potential/ copyright of product.

(*Copyright is the exclusive right to control creative works created by the author, copyright owner and performer for a specific period governed under the Copyright Act 1987).

  1. You may provide additional information or materials such as brochures, photographs, or other materials to support product innovation and revenue respectively.
  2. Participants have to send the video presentation together with proof of payment and the registration form provided by the organiser. The form will be given once the abstract is accepted.
  3. Participants are needed to attend a free talk related to MyIPO which be organized by PERKAMA International.



  • Each judge will have to complete a consensus form related to ensuring the right to control creative works created by the author, copyright owner and performer for a specific period governed under the Copyright Act 1987.
  • Product innovation will be evaluated by experienced judges selected by organisers.
  • The time allocation for presentation is from 3 to 5 minutes only.
  • There are two stages of judging process
    • Judging session for each of the invention is done online and only through video presentation.
    • Judging session to determine gold medallist and award recipient (Special Award and Best Award)
  • There are three (3) judges for each innovation.
  • Scoring criteria are based on originality/ novelty, creativity, usefulness and added value in counselling in the new norms, practicality, presentation and content of the poster.
  • The jury’s decision is final. Any appeals will not be entertained.